You will Fall in love with my famous Chewies!

Your Mouth Deserves A Sweet Escape!

Your Mouth Deserves A Sweet Escape!

Your Mouth Deserves A Sweet Escape!Your Mouth Deserves A Sweet Escape!Your Mouth Deserves A Sweet Escape!

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About Sweet Escapes By Suprena


Chewies are soft, chewy goodness with pecans and caramel, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and cut into bite-sizes of approximately 2 x 1 inches. This is a popular sweet treat from my hometown- Charleston, SC. 

Warning: Chewies may be addictive. You can’t just stop at one! :)

Gourmet Cake Balls

Imagine tasting a good shot of your favorite cake creatively pressed into a ball of goodness and dipped in your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate- or even try it with cool whip and garnished with sprinkle if you’d like! Cake balls are a wonderful way to handle your cake craving without eating the entire cake. 

Available flavors: 

Classic (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)
Gourmet (alcohol, rum, red velvet, carrot cake)

Cake Pops also available in the above flavors.

Pound Cakes

 A good dose of homemade goodness that will make you wanna slap your momma! 

(But don't try this at all! LOL!) 

As a matter of fact, bring your momma so she can have a taste of sweet escapes classic pound cakes. Suprena guarantees that mom will approve. Suprena’s Classic pound cakes (vanilla butter, lemon, 7up, sour cream, and 5 flavor) have been described as something straight out of grandma’s kitchen!

Premium Specialties
Imagine Suprena’s classic pound cakes turned up a notch and including sauces or even decorative icing if desired! Imagine your mouth taking a sweet escape with a slice of banana pudding pound cake garnished with bananas and Suprena’s Caramel-Rum sauce, or how about a slice of Sweet Potato Pound Cake garnished with chopped pecans and cream cheese frosting drizzled or even decorated- now have it warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Surely your mouth is salivating now so come on and order now! This is simply a sample of what Suprena has to offer. Escape now!!